A Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a specialized program that focuses on all business sectors for people with managerial experience and is one of the most respected post-graduate qualifications in the world today. The prestigious MBA will offer not only an international exposure for networking but also the most advanced set subjects such as accounting, marketing, finance, human resources management, market analysis, yield/revenue management and risk management. Inito Education Consulting offers a variety of opportunities that have a top job placement success after graduation for the students who have joined our partner universities. Our MBA structure also promotes practical training and internships to identify competition of the companies in the international market in a full-time and part time basis. We offer Masters of Business Administration in Global Management, Hospitality Management and Master of Science (M.Sc.) in International Hospitality and Business Management. We offer 100% guaranteed internship placements in Switzerland with a Net Salary of 2179.0- chf (Swiss francs) for all the periods of internships.

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